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We are very excited to present our work of the last few months –  in one word –  Kidday, which in now becoming more international.

We will please both small and grown up kids with different accessories, furniture and other cute stuff for your home. And yes, we really ment grown up kids, everyone who feels as a kid (:. We belive that in each of us there is small part of a child regardless of age. There are just those who accept it and others, who are trying to hide it. Be honest and tell us that you have never wanted to try out a bouncy castle? Sure you have, just like us. Likely you might also have noticed, that deep inside, you always wanted to try out the toys, that you have bought for the kids (:. This is why Kidday is about creating things for small and grown up kids. Visit our shop and we will be glad to create something for you!

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