Kids bookshelf in a shape of house

Kids bookshelf in a shape of house

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Kids bookshelf in a shape of house

Those three lovely Kids bookshelf in a shape of house could decorate your room. It will make it more cosy and will be useful for practical purpose as well. We are sure that your Teddy bear would be happy to have his own house. Your favourite book will not need a bookmark anymore. Also it will be a perfect storage for your alarm clock. This set of shelves has 3 different sizes. The smallest one differs from the large shelf a lot.


Shelves are made from plywood. On the back side there are hooks attached to amount them on a wall. Screws are not included as every type of the wall needs a different one.


Every shelf is in different size, also depth differs.
Large: 14.4”/ 36cm x 9.6”/ 24cm x 5.5”/ 14cm
Middle: 11.8”/ 30cm x 7.8”/ 20cm x 5.1”/ 13cm
Small: 9.4”/ 24cm x 6.2”/ 16cm x 4.7”/ 12cm

Also more contrast size shelves available here.

Houses are made to attach them to wall. Wall mount included.

Processing time maximum 7 working days. When the shelfs will be made and shipped out you will receive a message with the tracking number. Usually it is one or 2 days after we have shipped out, because tracking number appears a bit later.


large size, middle size, set of three shelves, small size


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