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I would say I am a bit old-fashioned regarding Easter traditions. Ever since I remember myself I was painting the eggs with onion skins. The only difference was in the selection of leaves, flowers, rise or any other items, which were tied up to the egg to leave a white or lighter places. There were also a few attempts to try other methods, like silk ties or papers from candies, but somehow they never turned out into an expected result. So, this year I wanted to change that. To avoid Easter morning frustration – in case eggs will not be so cool as I want, I have read a lot of material as well as other people experience, which is shared on internet. Also, I invited my friend Liene to make an experiment together few days before the Easter holidays. The good news…. eggs turned out even better than I expected 🙂 So beautiful, that I would like to share them with you and maybe someone will get inspired to repeat this on Easters.

After all the research on the internet about the possible looks as an outcome, we decided to proceed with beets, spinach, turmeric, red cabbage, hibiscus or karkade tea, nettles and of course traditional onion skins. Those we took just in case nothing else would work out with the other colors.

First, we put all the ingredients in separate pots and boiled for 20 min. It was already then visible which of them might fail. Then we waited for the eggs to cool down to the normal room temperature. If you will not wait and put the eggs straight into boiling water from the fridge, eggs might crack. Don’t forget to wash the eggs before, then the color will cleave better. As a next step, we put inside each of the pot couple of eggs (few of them where decorated before with leaves and flowers etc). After a while added a teaspoon of vinegar. Vinegar is necessary to make color brighter, but be careful – don’t add it too much as it makes eggshell more fragile. Boiled the eggs for about 13 min. At that moment, we understood that few of them are without any color or at least not as colorfoul as we had expected. The main ingredients which failed where nettles and spinach. If you google you will see how nice color is promised. In our case nettles gave very light shade, but it was quite nice, so we left it as it was but for the pot with spinach we decided to add coffee. To make the color more effective we left all the eggs in the pots and stored in a cold place over night.

And here are the photos on next morning 🙂 I was so excited to wake up and check out how it looks like.

If you have any tips what we did wrong with nettles and spinach write us on email shop@kidday.lv or leave a comment. Would really appreciate your experience.

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