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Very often we receive questions from our customers about the wood types, such as –  which one should I choose? What are the main differences between them? etc.

There is not a right wood type which we may suggest as the best and the only one for house bed or toy box. Each of them have different characteristics and price, so it really depends on many factors. Thus, we have decided to clarify some of your question about wood types, which you may also find being used in our products. In the photos you may view, how different wood types look after being processed in different ways.

The main actors in this post will be PINE, BIRCH, OAK, ASH, BLACK ALDER.  Now lets begin the show!



Furniture, made from natural pine, may look a little bit yellowish. It will have a structure of straight, expressive fibrous and might have brown knots.  Pine wood may sallow in case exposed to solar UV and tend to be with resin, that can affect the tone of painted surfaces during    exploitation. Typically, wood will have smell of resin and knots, which will make a decorative appearance, but reduces bearing capacity. For painted parts all expressive texture relief will be more visible and intense.

Pine is cheaper than other woods and its quite light, therefore –  lower delivery costs.

Weakness of the pine tree is softness. It’s a softwood, so it’s prone to scratches and dents.


Just like pine, also birch is wildly used for kids furniture and toys. It is not an allergic wood.

Birch is more homogeneous wood with not too crisp texture of wood. It contains curly or wavy grain patterns. Middle hard and quite dense. The texture is not so visible which makes birch more appropriate for painting. Will be better for indoor rather than outdoor furniture because of weak natural biological resistance and therefore we also do not suggest to use birch in rooms with increased humidity.

Compared to pine, you will not feel any specific smell from birch wood and as it is more stronger and stable, birch is better suitable for smaller size constructions. However, it is more expensive material than pine.


Oak is not the most popular material for kids furniture. Most probably due to price and its serious style texture.

Oak wood is in brown color or brown with a green shades. It is a hardwood that tends to be very grainy. Oak is a heavy, strong, light colored.

This wood contains a lot of tannins, which may cause allergic reaction for people with more sensitive skin. Tannins guarantee a biological strength for a wood, thus is a reason why furniture from oak will last much more longer than other.

Because of tannins, oak wood is used for producing plates and barrels, in order to add food or drink a specific taste. It is the most expensive one from all our list of woods.


Ash is middle hard and middle dense wood. It has a prominent grain that resembles oak, and in range of white to light brown color. Ash can be differentiated from hickory (pecan), which it also resembles to, by white dots in the darker summerwood, that can be seen with a naked eye. Ash burls have a twisted, interwoven figure.

It will be the most appropriate choice for those who would like to see the texture of the wood even after its painted. It has a very high abrasion resistance.

We do not suggest to use ash for outdoor furniture or keep it in rooms with increased humidity because it may warp.

Ash is widely used for structural frames and steam bent furniture pieces. It is often less expensive compared to other hardwoods.


Alder is characterised by its straight grain and even texture. Very common to a birch wood by its nature, but slightly softed. It is middle hard and middle dense. Though, it dents relatively easy and offers a stable surface.

Its reddish brown color often looks similar to Cherry. Alder is often used to mimic Cherry, its rich tone is beautiful. Compared to birch after applying transparent finish (lacquer or wax) it may seem more pink. Will be perfect if you are ready to paint it and get a result of imitate exotic type of wood. Very appropriate for woodcutting, decor and toy manufacturing.


Many thanks to our wood expert – Pēteris Sleikšs

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