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Our kids are our future

Our products.

We are creating kids interior which we would like to have at our home for our kids. And when you are thinking about yourself the ideas goes beyond the possibilities to take them all down. Most of our ideas evolve during process as they never come true as expected at the beginning. It is because we have a wonderful and creative team that put their own mindset in the process of designing and creating products. And of course our youngest generation, out testers who examines durability of everything.

We pay huge attention to the quality of product and materials we are using. Moreover, all the things are developed in a cosy place fulfilled with love and good thoughts.

Our home.

We are coming from Riga, Latvia and we think that this is the most wonderful city in the world. It is not too quite or loud, not too small or too big. Basically it is the best place where to live and generate nice ideas which after comes reality.

“WE think that every smallest detail affects our daily life and makes us the persons who we are. Each person we met, every item we saw in front of us somehow changes our life and our personality, so let’s start from the kids and make kids interior awesome

Our Values

kids interior

We care about what we do. We think that quality is critical for our continued success.

kids interior

Every customer is very special for us. This is the reason we will do all the best to satisfy end user on all 100%. We will make rush order or find specific details to make the idea come true.

kids interior

We are not genius, we learn from our mistakes. We do not hide them but always find a solution.

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